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Tac Tower Police Gear Stand with Quick Access Safe - Guard The Line

Tac Tower Police Gear Stand with Quick Access Safe - Guard The Line

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  • QUICK ACCESS SAFE:  Our police gear rack comes equipped with a biometric safe that can be opened using your fingerprint, digital code, or key.  The exterior has an American Flag design and is made of heavy duty cold-rolled steel with a pry resistant cover.  The safe is secured to the gear stand, features interior lighting, and is padded with foam.
  • HEAVY DUTY HOOKS: Each gear hanger is rated to hold up to 50 lb! Tough enough to handle any police vest, body armor, tactical vest, ballistic plate carrier, or duty belt! As a police officer owned company, we’ve made sure our Guard The Line police gear stand can stand up to heavy weight and daily use.
  • POLICE GEAR STORAGE: Our law enforcement gear rack is equipped with a front tray measuring 18"x7.5". Designed to give you room to store all your everyday carry (EDC) gear, police equipment, and police accessories including your belt keepers, handcuff key, police radio earpiece, wallet, knife, phone and more. 
  • CHALLENGE COIN DISPLAY RACK: Each side of our cop caddy is equipped with a challenge coin stand, which can hold a total of 12 coins. The challenge coin holder can also be swapped out for rubber inserts allowing for additional accessory storage space. 


Introducing the Guard The Line Tac Tower – the ultimate police gear rack and law enforcement gear storage solution. Designed by a police officer, this innovative solution ensures that your police equipment is kept secure and well-organized. 

The Tac Tower has a state-of-the-art quick-access safe, securely mounted to the gear stand. The biometric safe showcases the American Flag on its exterior and offers multiple entry options, including fingerprint recognition, a digital code, or a traditional key.  Constructed from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, it's designed to withstand the rigors of law enforcement duty, featuring a pry resistant cover for added protection. 

Each heavy-duty hook is rated to support up to 50 pounds, making it more than capable of handling your police vest, body armor, tactical gear, ballistic plate carrier, or duty belt. As a company founded by a police officer, we understand the demands of the job and have engineered this body armor stand to endure the weight of daily use without compromise.

The Guard The Line Tac Tower is more than just a police gear rack; it's a comprehensive solution for law enforcement professionals. On each side of this cop caddy, you'll find a challenge coin display rack capable of holding up to a total of 12 challenge coins. The coin holders can be easily swapped out for rubber inserts, providing additional customization for your accessory storage needs.

***Product ships in a box with a picture of our gear stand on it***

*Free shipping to the contiguous United States.  Due to the weight and size of the product, shipments to Alaska/Hawaii will be charged an additional fee.*

*US Patent Pending*

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